Zoo Boom Game

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In the zoo boom game, in this colourful puzzle game you need to connect three cute animal-shaped cubes! Click on two or more cubes of the same colour to collect them for the zoo, advance by completing all the tasks. Try combining multiple animals of the same type to create special boosters and combine them for huge explosive effects. The further you progress, the harder the challenges become. If you get stuck, you can buy extra boosters from the store, they will surely come in handy! Can you complete all 100 levels with 3 stars? Let's test your logic and observation! But be careful, this game can be addictive with cute animals and bright colours! Get ready for a fun and exciting journey of three-in-a-row game in the world of cubes and zoos!

Start playing using the keys W, A, S, D or arrow keys on your keyboard. The games also have instructions on how to play. If nothing comes out, use the mouse or move your finger on the screen of your cell phone.



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